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Bones & Joints
Anxiety & Mental Health
Hair & Skin
Weight & Digestion

Vitamins targeted to fill your dog’s gaps, mixed into daily bars and raw bowls.

Meet the Maev base formula - real raw food for dogs

Why raw?

- Naturally helps maintain an ideal weight

- Leads to softer & shinier fur

- Fresher Breath

- Stronger immune system

- Stabilized energy levels

- Less tartar build-up

Not ready to commit? Try daily vitamin bars

Why raw?

- Daily Vitamins and Supplements, in bar form

- Condition Specific to Target your Personal Goals

- All Natural, Real Food Ingredients

- Superfood Rich, with Chia Seeds and Coconut Oils

- Shipped one month at a time

Behind The Scenes

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Create a Profile

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We suggest the right mix of vitamins for you

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Choose either bowls of bars (or both)

No. 4

We pre-portion to your calorie needs, & mix in vitamins

No. 5

Serve Daily- No prep. No thawing. No scooping.